Arulmighu Madhusoothanaperumal Kovil - Parakkai

The presiding deity: Lord Madhusudhana , along with with Goddesses Lakshmidevi and Bhoomadevi

Location : Parakkai, about five km from Nagercoil.

Other Names: Pakshirajapuram , Kezharmangalam , Paravaikasur

About the Deity:
The presiding  Lord Madhusudhana, Lord Vishnu appears in the form of Madhusudhana with four hands. While, two hands hold the disc and conch, the other right hand is held aloft in abaya hastha position and the left rests on the left thigh. He is seen with Goddesses Lakshmidevi and Bhoomadevi.

Important feature to be noted is that  the stone image of Garuda facing the deity.

Significance of the Name: It is also said Lord Vishnu came to be known as Madhusudhana after he slew the demons Madhu and Kaidapan.

According to the Legends:
A sculptor who was an ardent devotee of the Lord etched an image of Garuda in wood while in Kanchipuram and  the bird came to life and flew Southwards. After arriving at the Parakkai village, Garuda, it is said, had a dip in the tank in front of the temple ,hovered around the deity  making a pradakshana and began to fly away. An artisan, who was renovating a pillar at the temple, saw the bird and hurled a chisel at it. The bird fell down crying `Madhusudhana', much to the shock and disbelief of the man. As a result its right wing suffered a wound. A stone image was later carved at the spot where he fell.

Uncovering  unknown  Facts:
* The sun rays falling directly on this Perumal's feet on the 10th day of the month of Chitirai ,henceSun pooja is performed then.
*Important feature to be noted is that the stone image of Garuda facing the deity.
*The prasadam  here for the Moolavar is kozhakattai (Amrithakalsam.) in the shape of a big coconut.
*Visiting the shrine after going to the Sri Sthanumalayan temple at Suchindram, (located on the way to Kanyakumari ), is considered very auspicious.


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