Siruvapuri Sri Balasubramanyar

Siruvarpuri (Chinnampedu):

Main Deity: Balasubramania Swamy

Utsava moorthy : Valli Manalar

Location: Around 37km from Chennai on the Chennai-Kokatta highway.


Lava-kucha, twin sons of Rama, while living at Valmiki’s Ashram here, tied the Ashwametha horse sent by Rama. Then Rama himself came fought with Lava-kucha with the knowledge that they where their sons. The name of the place Siruvarpuri came from the phrase ‘Siruvar-Por-Puri’. The other names Siruvarampedu came from ‘Siruvar-Ambu-Edu’ and Chinnampedu came from ‘Chinna-Ambu-Edu’. Siruvapuri is believed to be the Kusalapuri of Ramayana.

The Temple:

The temple has  5 tier Rajagopuram
Arunagirinathar is seen just near the sanctum facing the Lord
Except The presiding deity all the other deities are made out of green granite stones
This temple also has Sri Annamalaiyar (Lord Shiva) and Sri Unnamulai Amman.
The temple also has Valli Manalar Deity which also is very rare.

Unknown Facts:

  • An unique feature of this temple is the Maragatha Mayil (Peacock) the carrier of Lord Muruga made of Green stone.

  • Mayil vahanam, Suryanar, Vinayagar and Annamalaiar lingam are all made out of green granite stones

  • This Temple is famous in that whatever you believe in and visit here continously once a week for 6 weeks will come true.

  • Particularly those who are building a house or those who have not been able to find a house are believed to be blessed with a house after visiting this temple.


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