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Sri Lakshminarayan temple

Location : Chennai

Exact Place :  Pallikaranai . Pallikaranai is a place located at Tambaram Velacheri Main Road

Main deity : Sri Narasimhar seen embracing Goddess Lakshmi

This is a 800 years old Chola temple. The main deity Sri Narasimhar is seen embracing Goddess Lakshmi who is sitting at his lap.Moolavar Lakshminarayan is seen holding Sri Laksmi with His left hand placing Her at His lap. In the walls of the temple there are inscriptions that show the temple was built during the rule of Chera, Choza, Pandyas. On the roof of the temple there Is a fish symbol and some inscription. If the Archeological department take some initiative, perhaps they could find out more information. There is a tall Deepa sthambam in front of the temple with Garuda, Anjaneya, sangu ,chakram and some inscription upon it.


Majour :Thiru Karthigai 

Others: margazhi  masam
            Vaikunta Ekadasi
            Purattasi Saturdays
            Hanumath Jeyanthi


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