Uchi Pillayar kovil

Location: Tiruchirappalli

Exact location point : Near the Chattram bus stand

Other name: Dakshina kailasam , Rock Fort hill , Sirappalli, Rishabachalam


The Rock Fort hill is beleived to be formed lakhs of years back.As per the mythology, once there was a great tuffle between Aadhiseshan and the wind God Vaayu, on who is more powerful. Aadhiseshan encircled the Maha Meru hill (Himalaya) and challenged Vaayu whether he can take Himalayas off his clutches. Vaayu tried much and accepted his defeat.

It is said that during the fight, 3 pieces of the mountain broke and flew off to different places. Out of the 3 peices which flew off, one is this Rock fort at Trichy. The other two are at Triconamalee (Ceylon) and Sri Kalahasthi (AndraPradesh).

About the Temple:

Height : 273 feet

Steps :417

Temple complex: consist of 3 complex

1) Manikka Vinayagar temple – This temple is at the foot of the hill

2) Thayumanavar Temple – This temple is at half way

3) Uchi pilliayar Temple – At the hilltop.

Deities :

1)Lord Thayumanaswamy and his consort Goddess Mattuvarkuzhal.

2) Lord Ganesh called Lord Uchi Pillayar shrine is on the hill top & Manickam Vinayakar shrine is at the hill.

3) Lord Brahma in the form of Lord Jureswarar.

Legend of this temple

There are several tales associated to the Uchi Pillayar Temple.

Legend of Lord Thayumanaswamy

As per this Legend their was women called Ratnavati who was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. She stayed in the northern banks of river cauvery. She became pregnant and while the time for delivery was nearing she requested her mother to come to her place for help. But her mother had to cross the river cauvery which was in spate. Ratnavati prayed to Lord Shiva and her mother appeared before her. She was very glad to see her mother by her side and soon she delivered her baby safely. Later the floods receded and Ratnavati's mother visited her and surprisedly enquired how she had managed all alone during childbirth. Only then Ratnavati realised that it was Lord Shiva himself who had come in disguise as her mother to help her. Hence Lord Shiva here is called as Thayumanaswamy and thousands of people visit this temple to offer their prayers for a safe childbirth.

Legend of Lord Uchi Pillayar

The legend of Uchi Pillayar temple dates back to the time of Lord Rama. It is believed that when King Vibhishana attended the coronation ceremony of Lord Rama in Ayodhya, Lord Rama gifted him a statue of Lord Ranganatha as a departing gift. Lord Rama warned King Vibhishana that the idol should not be placed on the ground till he reached Lanka. The moment he places the idol on the ground the idol would grow into a massive size and will be unable to move it further.

King Vibhishana thus started his journey towards Sri Lanka. When he reached Trichy he was amazed by the beautiful course of river cauvery and he wanted to take a dip in the river. Since the idol should not be placed on the ground he was hesitantly looking for help. At that time he noticed a young boy near the river. The King requested the boy to hold the idol and cautioned him not to place it on the ground. The boy was in a hurry thus he told the king that he would count till 10 and at the count of 10 the king should comeback and get the idol from him. If the King failed to do so then the boy warned him that he would place the idol on the ground. The King agreed to the boy's condition and went to the river for a dip. The boy started his count and waited for the King. The King was totally fascinated by the river and he failed to heed to the boys count. The boy after counting till 10 placed the idol on the ground.The Lord Ranganatha idol instantly grew into massive size and was deeply rooted on the banks of the river. King Vibhishana hurriedly came back from the river but was too late. He tried moving the idol but in vain. Angered by the boy's act he started chasing him. The boy ran to the top of hillock and rested there. The King followed him and knocked him on his forehead. Instantly the young boy took the form of Lord Ganesha. Hence the Lord Ganesha is called as Uchi Pillayar  and one can see a pit in the forehead of the idol even today. The Lord Ganesh then blessed King Vibhishana and told him that the idol was destined to be here.

Poojas and Festivals

Giri valam : during full-moon days
Annual Brahmotsavam : in Tamil month of Chithirai.

Little known facts

• The cave temple has a doorway, which is lead to Uraiyur.

• There is a "pit" on the top of his forehead, believed to have been created when Vibhishana hit him on the head in anger for placing the idol.
• It is believed that the same idol placed by Lord Ganesh on the ground is today the presiding deity of Famous Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy Temple in Trichy.

• Agasthya, Arjuna, Hanuman, Rathnavathi, Rama, Saptha Kanniar, Saptha Rishi and Sarama muni had worshipped Shiva of this place

• Sarama muni worshipped Shiva with chevandi flowers brought from Naga lokha and hence the Lord is called as Chevandhi nadhar also. He is also called Mathruboodheswarar.


• Lord Brahma in the form of Lord Jureswarar who cures fever.

• Thayumanaswamy thousands of people visit this temple to offer their prayers for a safe childbirth.


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