Strange Facts

In Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple, in Swami Sannathi near venai Kaali amman, there is Anjaneyar statue in a pillar.It is said that this Anjaneyar is growing in stature.

Panaga narasimhar

Panaga Narasimha Temple is at Mangalgiri between Guntur and Vijaywada.
In this idol if you pour panagam that is jaggery water in his mouth he will take exactly the half of the quantity we provide and leave the rest for us as prasadam.Moreover, all day crowds of bhaktas offer panagam, yet its a miracle that you cannot see any insects or bees or flies whatsoever .

A unbelievable event during Garuda Sevai - Garuda increases in weight manifold

Nachiyar kovil about 10 kms from Kumbakonam.There is  a Garudar sannadhi there made out of salagrama stone.
The unique thing about this Garuda is when he is taken out on a procession the number people carrying is four.Then the number increases to 14 ,then when he move into the next praharam it becomes32 .,then when moves further the no of people will be 64.Finally when the idol comes onto the road the number is 148.At this juncture you can really see Garudar sweating.When the procession is over the number of people carrying the idol comes in the descending order.While the  idol reaches its original place only 4 people carry the Lord.


Mysteries of god which we have to abide and which is proof that god is alive and breathing. What a great feeling
Sesha kalyanaraman


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